Coca-Cola Marketing

Coca-Cola is the greatest iconic brand that the world has ever known.  Coca-Cola has name recognition in every country and its products are sold worldwide under various kinds of political environments.  Although the coca-cola company is considered a success by most in recent years sales have flattened and the corporate culture has been characterized asContinue reading “Coca-Cola Marketing”

Financial Ratio Analysis

Using financial ratios to view a company’s health is a useful tool used by investors and shareholders.  Taking information off of the company’s financial reports such as the balance sheet and income statement and comparing key numbers from those forms has been proven to be a good barometer of where the company is going andContinue reading “Financial Ratio Analysis”

Ethics Training

Ethics is the study of ideal behavior.  Although there are many definitions of ethics many refer to the definition put forth by Will Durant, the historian and writer.  “Durant’s definition of ethics as the study of ideal conduct has meaning because it teaches that ethics has two elements. First, knowledge of ethics is not somethingContinue reading “Ethics Training”

Hyundai Distinctive Competence

Hyundai is usually thought of in the United States as a automaker. Hyundai has improved its position in the United States over the past few years to the point that in 2011 Hyundai and its sister carmaker Kia enjoyed the “third largest market share will go to Hyundai/Kia, beating Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Chrysler” (Deaton,Continue reading “Hyundai Distinctive Competence”