Higher Taxes Benefit the Economy

Taxes are an important part of how a government receives money in order to operate. Taxes are unique because, unlike other payments made by households and firms for goods and service, they are defined as “an involuntary payment of money (or goods and services) to a government by a household or firm for which theContinue reading “Higher Taxes Benefit the Economy”

You Cant Teach Talent, You Cant Learn It Either

Each of us has a talent.  Few properly identify their talent.  Fewer still correctly use that talent in their lives.  Those that do can soar with the eagles.   From this idea, I learned that you cannot teach talent.  As a manager I often believed that I could take anyone that was ambitious enough andContinue reading “You Cant Teach Talent, You Cant Learn It Either”

It Is All About Perspective

Perspective is one of the strongest words in the English language, yet most people do not understand how it exerts it’s force in their lives. Every day that we interact with people we must involve ourselves with perspective. A basic illustration of how we must adjust to perspective is when giving directions to two peopleContinue reading “It Is All About Perspective”

Abort, Retry, Fail, What Would DOS Do?

Is it possible we learned everything we needed to know about life from DOS (for people under 20 look up DOS in wikipedia)? When DOS came to a error it couldn’t handle it would display an error, “Abort, Retry, Fail?” What worked for DOS can work for life. Presented with a problem we are facedContinue reading “Abort, Retry, Fail, What Would DOS Do?”