The Difference Between Knowing and Doing

Seat belts save lives. We all know that it is safer to drive with our seatbelts on yet how often do we fail to buckle up? It is estimated that 25% of Americans do not use seat belts on a regular basis. It is improbable that after twenty years of education programs those people don’tContinue reading “The Difference Between Knowing and Doing”

Abort, Retry, Fail, What Would DOS Do?

Is it possible we learned everything we needed to know about life from DOS (for people under 20 look up DOS in wikipedia)? When DOS came to a error it couldn’t handle it would display an error, “Abort, Retry, Fail?” What worked for DOS can work for life. Presented with a problem we are facedContinue reading “Abort, Retry, Fail, What Would DOS Do?”

What Color Balloons Today

Attention all salespeople, please report to the office for a Sales Meeting. OK, today is going to be huge! We are going to move some iron so let’s get out and balloon up, make sure to use the Big Balloons! How many times have we heard that or said that at a morning meeting? Unfortunately,Continue reading “What Color Balloons Today”

2007 Mets, Lesson in Managing a Team

2007 Mets, an Object Lesson by Dennis Taylor There are always comparisons made between the business world and the sports world and recently one of the most surprising events to happen in sports in a long time occurred in Major League Baseball. With apologies to any New York Mets fans an examination of that eventContinue reading “2007 Mets, Lesson in Managing a Team”