Cloud Computing: History and Future

Andrew McLaughlin, who heads public policy and government affairs for Google, described the use of cloud computing as “one of the most important transformations the federal government will go through in the next decade,” noting the cost advantages of cloud infrastructure (Miller, 2009).  Cloud computing is a concept that involves distributing computer power across remoteContinue reading “Cloud Computing: History and Future”

The Rolex Marketing Mix: A Success Story

The Rolex Marketing Mix Marketing is the effort made by an organization to identify needs and wants of potential customers and then satisfying them.  The most successful organizations are those that are the most successful in first identifying and second satisfying customer’s needs.   Identifying needs and then meeting them does not happen by accident; itContinue reading “The Rolex Marketing Mix: A Success Story”

Hyundai Distinctive Competence

Hyundai is usually thought of in the United States as a automaker. Hyundai has improved its position in the United States over the past few years to the point that in 2011 Hyundai and its sister carmaker Kia enjoyed the “third largest market share will go to Hyundai/Kia, beating Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Chrysler” (Deaton,Continue reading “Hyundai Distinctive Competence”

Marketing: Good or Bad?

Marketing has often been defined in terms of satisfying customers’ needs and wants; however, marketing critics argue that marketing can be unethical by creating needs and wants that did not exist before. Marketing can encourage customers to spend money on goods and services they really do not need or want. Take a position on theContinue reading “Marketing: Good or Bad?”

Higher Taxes Benefit the Economy

Taxes are an important part of how a government receives money in order to operate. Taxes are unique because, unlike other payments made by households and firms for goods and service, they are defined as “an involuntary payment of money (or goods and services) to a government by a household or firm for which theContinue reading “Higher Taxes Benefit the Economy”

Business Survival is Based on Progressive Employee Training

All companies have developed some form of employee training.  In some companies training may consist of a formal regimen of prescribed classes that are handled by training specialists with clear objectives.  Training in many companies is informally conducted only when needed by managers, owners or tenured employees without any set curriculum, while in other companiesContinue reading “Business Survival is Based on Progressive Employee Training”