It is All About the Content

Every post from social media experts seems to boil down to those six words so apparently Content is King. This lesson needs to be learned by salespeople as well as social marketers. Marketing studies indicate that 71% of customers that purchased automobiles said they bought because they liked their salesperson (Kershner, 2008). I believe thatContinue reading “It is All About the Content”

Training for 2020: Automotive Armageddon

The year 2020 is on the horizon, and along with it are huge changes for the automotive industry. In 1987 the rock group R.E.M. released a song with the main lyrics “It’s the End of the World as we know it.” That song will be the anthem for the automotive industry over the next threeContinue reading “Training for 2020: Automotive Armageddon”

Theory versus Reality: Automotive Product Specialists

I have long supported the idea that the traditional  role of the automotive salesperson is under siege and will soon be replaced; first by a legion of hourly, retail refugees and then by whatever online, kiosk, or other platform that finally cracks the car transaction as a service secret code. I will admit I wasContinue reading “Theory versus Reality: Automotive Product Specialists”

We Make It Harder: Your Company’s New Motto

Everyone says it, regardless of the industry, “we make things harder then they have to be.” In the automotive industry we feel like the process should be simple: buy cars, get customers, sell cars. In the restaurant business we map out the process: buy food, prepare food, get customers, sell food. Every industry has basicContinue reading “We Make It Harder: Your Company’s New Motto”

Coca-Cola Marketing

Coca-Cola is the greatest iconic brand that the world has ever known.  Coca-Cola has name recognition in every country and its products are sold worldwide under various kinds of political environments.  Although the coca-cola company is considered a success by most in recent years sales have flattened and the corporate culture has been characterized asContinue reading “Coca-Cola Marketing”

Financial Ratio Analysis

Using financial ratios to view a company’s health is a useful tool used by investors and shareholders.  Taking information off of the company’s financial reports such as the balance sheet and income statement and comparing key numbers from those forms has been proven to be a good barometer of where the company is going andContinue reading “Financial Ratio Analysis”

Advertising and Ethics

Open the website and there are many types of advertisements that appear, some for car manufacturers, television shows, and prescription drugs. Today the first advertisement that displayed on was for a drug called Vyvanse from a manufacturer called Shire, LLC. The advertisement states that Vyvanse helps control ADHD and shows a picture ofContinue reading “Advertising and Ethics”

Ethics Training

Ethics is the study of ideal behavior.  Although there are many definitions of ethics many refer to the definition put forth by Will Durant, the historian and writer.  “Durant’s definition of ethics as the study of ideal conduct has meaning because it teaches that ethics has two elements. First, knowledge of ethics is not somethingContinue reading “Ethics Training”