Jump Off the Train

This has been sitting in my Draft folder long enough so it is time to post.

The most common response to anything negative in our lives is to ride the N(egative) train as long as we can, searching at each station we come to for someone to commiserate with us and agree how bad we have it. Soon we have gathered together all of the poor souls we meet along the tracks and have filled the N train cars with gloom and despair. Listen, you can hear sayings like, “Why do things like these always happen to me?” and “It seems like I take one step forward and two steps back.”

Whether you are the conductor or a passenger you can stop the train and get off, but dont believe for a moment it is easy. Trains gain lots of momentum and once they are under way they are hard to stop, but the N train is a little different because negativity builds speed and energy exponentially so sometimes it is not about trying to stop the train, but learning how to jump off the train without getting hurt.

If you are surrounded with negative people in a negative place and dont have the capacity or authority to change the situation dont be afraid to jump off the train. It usually hurts when you hit the ground but there is usually some kind of pain when you make a change, but trading pain for a fresh start is worth it.

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