The New Selling Climate

There are terabytes of data being written and published about the ‘new’ selling climate by the experts. Most of these experts say to adopt  new sales concepts to cope with the current market and economy. The Who had it right  however, in ‘Wont Get Fooled Again’  they sang, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”  Selling today is no different from selling yesterday or tomorrow.

The steps to the sale are the same today as they were ten years ago. Professional salespeople in any industry know what those steps are and follow them with every prospect.  The difference today is that the amatuer salesperson can no longer compete as they could when the economy was expanding. Sales professionals in any industry know the steps to the sale and follow them which gives them an advantage in all conditions.  Having an advantage is not the same as being impervious.

Does a slowing economy affect sales professionals? Of course it does. Just like professional golfers are affected by inclimate weather conditions during a tournament, so are professional salespeople affected by the economy. The reason that amatuers dont win golf tournaments (the last amatuer win in the U.S. Open was in 1933) is because they have not had the same repetitions of perfect practice to respond to the extreme pressure of playing in a major. The same is true of the sales environment, the amatuers are the ones that will wilt under the pressure of extreme situations.

So fellow salespeople what do we do? We go back to the basics and do the things that make the great ones great, we practice. We practice every situation again and again until we do not have to think about our responses. We practice until every question that we are asked is expected and every situation is just another anticipated step to the sale. So, go train, learn the steps to the sale, learn the major objections you hear in your industry and how to handle them, and practice. Oh yeah, then practice some more.


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