It Is All About Perspective

Perspective is one of the strongest words in the English language, yet most people do not understand how it exerts it’s force in their lives. Every day that we interact with people we must involve ourselves with perspective.

A basic illustration of how we must adjust to perspective is when giving directions to two people coming from different parts of town. If we give them both the same set of directions we may get them both to the destination but likely only one person will find the destination. The same is true of motivating employees.

Each employee we hire and manage is coming from a different life location. Some employees are coming from a place where motivation should be based on competition while others are better motivated by nurturing. It is our job as managers to recognize what motivates each member of our team and use that information to get the most from each team member.

As salespeople it is our job to understand perspective and how it relates to each customer we interact with. Often we believe that because a particular word track worked once it should work each time we face a particular objection. It may, if those customers all have the same perspective, all coming from the same life location. That is often where we fail, we assume customers have the same perspective on the situation as we do. Spend time with customers early in the sales process not only identifying needs but also focusing in on perspective. Ask yourself regarding each customer you deal with if you really understand not only the needs they have but also why those needs are there, what is their life location? Only by doing this can you expect to understand why customers and employees react the way they do.


One thought on “It Is All About Perspective

  1. As a manager, it’s not as easy to see my salespeoples perspective as it is to fing the customers. Maybe its because I work with them on a daily baises and expect them to work processes the way I want them too. I agree you have to find the best way to motivate each salesperson differently though. I guess you just pointed out something for me to work on. Thanks DT!

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