Abort, Retry, Fail, What Would DOS Do?

Is it possible we learned everything we needed to know about life from DOS (for people under 20 look up DOS in wikipedia)? When DOS came to a error it couldn’t handle it would display an error, “Abort, Retry, Fail?” What worked for DOS can work for life.

Presented with a problem we are faced with choices, we can give up trying or Abort, we can keep trying or Retry, or we can proceed without solving the problem or Fail.

The decision to Abort, or give up trying, is the easiest of the choices we can make when faced with a decision. It is the natural choice when there are no external factors involved. The next natural response to a problem we can’t solve is to ignore, or Fail.

The overall process may be able to continue without obtaining the solution to a specific part of the problem. With this choice however, we are pushing ahead without all the necessary information, often in the wrong direction. The natural progression of problem solving goes from Retry to Fail. The more we extend past this sequence, the more sucessful we will be.

External factors often force us to continue on, for instance hunger will force an animal to continue chasing prey even after several failed attempts. What we must do is create internal motivation that moves us on past failures just like that hunger that drives animals past the natural first and second options.

Part of our motivation to continue hitting the Retry key has to come from an internal drive to succeed. We must have the realization that our instinct may be to accept the failure but greatness only comes when we push past the initial failure, regardless of the number of attempts it takes.

DOS taught us there were three choices when an error was encountered, success teaches us there is only one acceptable choice, the choice to continue hitting the Retry key until we get it right.


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