What Color Balloons Today

Attention all salespeople, please report to the office for a Sales Meeting. OK, today is going to be huge! We are going to move some iron so let’s get out and balloon up, make sure to use the Big Balloons!

How many times have we heard that or said that at a morning meeting? Unfortunately, many times that ‘Big Day’ turns into a day of disappointment. So our question should be Why? What should we do to ensure how our day will be busy and productive?

Some of us remember the good old days when it really did just take us unlocking the doors, putting out some balloons and writing up sales. Granted, we lost sales by being sloppy but it didn’t matter because someone else was right behind them for us to help. In case you missed the memo, those days are gone and odds are they are gone for good.

In response to the new reality we must decide to take control of our production and not rely on outside factors to determine our paycheck. When was the last time you were not concerned with floor traffic because you had a full schedule of appointments? Hopefully that was today. If not today, why not? Maybe it is just a failure to understand the numbers.

Take just a minute to review the numbers for the average salesperson. The industry average for shown appointments is thirty percent. The average number of shown appointments that purchase is forty percent. Now let’s do the math to determine what your activity goals should be.

If you want to sell 10 cars and there are 22 working days it’s simple math. 10 Units = 85 Appointments, it’s that simple (85 times 30%=25.5) (25.5 times 40%=10)

Are you still with me? The bottom line is that you can plug in your specific numbers and figure out how many appointments you need each day to reach your production goal. But there is a difference between knowing and doing, but that is a whole new discussion.


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