Today is the day for a no excuses no exceptions leader led leader enforced #carculturerevolution youre either with us or against us – Dennis Taylor

This thought has been in my head lately. Less and less automotive dealerships are able to find the right staff to support the right marketing to align with the right inventory. The lack of available staff with experience and the constant marketing white noise create a muddied message that drowns even the best inventory. 

Status quo is not the answer. The way we used to do it is not the answer. Just because you were once successful is not going to translate to always being successful. The Gordon Ramsey  management style once the only known way to manage a car dealership is no longer a viable option. 

It is time to change the culture. It is time for a #carculturerevolution.

Who is going to lead that revolution? I am READY TO LEAD, ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A LEADER?

Dennis Taylor